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AI Powered Quality Control Solution for your Business Innovation

InnoSignal is leading the trend of AI based quality control market, and is a powerful partner to strengthen competitiveness in 4th industrial revolution


innoSIGNAL’s in-house developed AI based algorithm ‘SCAP’ is a powerful solution that detects and predicts changes in manufacturing process beyond human cognitive ability.

innoSIGNAL’s innovative quality control solution provides precise total inspection method, secures production process data, and provides defect prevention and management function beyond human cognitive ability.

innoSIGNAL will lead the trends of smart factory for 4th industrial revolution based on world class competitiveness edge.


innoSIGNAL, a venture start-up originated from a research group in Korea Institute of Science and Technology, provides innovative quality control solution for manufacturers, strengthens partner’s competitiveness, and leads innovations for smart factory.

Hwang, Kyuhwan


Korea Institute of Science &
Signal Processing,
Machine Condition Monitoring

Lee, Aidan


Full Stack Developer(19yrs)

Ohio State Univ.

B. of Psychology & AI

Park, Yonghee


Full Stack Developer(14yrs)

B. Sc. of Information Statistic & Computer Science




Securing of KR & US Algorithm Patent,

Foundation of innoSIGNAL


Q1, Q2

Commercialization of Algorithm, Software Development

Q3, Q4

Development of Condition Monitoring for Bearing and Motor, Adaptation for various Sensors


Q1, Q2

Development of G3 Board for Measurement and Analysis, Commercialization of Weld Monitoring Algorithm for Arc and Resistance Welding

Q3, Q4

Selection of Partner Companies and Securement of National Certification, Starting Media PR, Founders Space, KAKAO Investment


Q1, Q2

K-Global 300, Post-BI

Q3, Q4

Launched SCAP algorithm licensing service


Registered as a supplier of smart factory


Establishment of Vietnam Branch


Establishment of US Branch

Venture Company Certification

(Korea Technology Finance Corp.)


2018 SEOUL POST-BI supporting Business Selection

(City of SEOUL & Korea Techno-Venture Foundation)  


2018 K-Global 300 Selection

(Ministry of Science and ICT)



Weld Monitoring

Weld current is measured using a simple sensor and analyzed using AI Algorithm without any modification to existing production system

Real-time weld defect monitoring overcoming limitations of competing technologies

Accurate real-time weld defect monitoring provides vast improvement of productivity and reduction of unpredictable but inevitable costs caused by weld defects in various industries like automotive companies and shipyards

Machine Condition Monitoring

Detects symptom of defects of machineries and equipment

Monitors tool wear and breakage and dramatically reduces maintenance costs by providing accurate condition based monitoring

Prognosis by AI algorithm provides proper maintenance method on machine and consumable parts optimized to each consumer needs

Bio-Signal Analysis

Real-time measurement / analysis of Bio-signals such as golf, skiing, etc. Real-time analysis and quantification can be performed by applying artificial intelligence algorithms to EMG, ECG, EEG, and FSR signals. Through this, posture correction, accident prevention, and record improvement can be expected.



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5, Hwarang-ro 14-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82-2-962-0900
Fax : +82-2-962-0990
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